# How to use

# Run the server

ezPAARSE launches from the command line.

Use the following commands from the installation directory to start and stop the server:

# Without Docker

make start   # start the server
make stop    # stop the server
make restart # restart the server
make status  # check the server status

# With Docker and Compose

docker compose up -d   # start the server
docker compose stop    # stop the server
docker compose restart # restart the server
docker compose ps      # check the server status

NB: for docker-compose version 1, replace docker compose by docker-compose.

# Let's Parse !

Visit http://localhost:59599/ (opens new window) and create the first administrator of your local ezPAARSE instance. Administrators can manage the registered users and trigger updates from the web interface.

Once logged in, try drag-and-dropping a log file on the online form and processing it. If your logs are standard, you should be able to get a result immediately and see what ezPAARSE can produce for you.

Now you're up and ready to use ezPAARSE. Head onto the next section to learn about the basics.