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# About ezPAARSE

ezPAARSE (opens new window) is a free and open source software designed to exploit, analyze and enrich access logs to electronic resources, typically available on the web platforms of scientific literature publishers.

# Demo instances

There are two publicly available instances of ezPAARSE:

Those two instance are for test purposes only (and now identified as such: you'll see a banner indicating "This ezPAARSE instance is available as a demonstration tool") and should therefore not be used as production tools. They are very convenient to test small log files and play around with the software and discover its interface. The data you process is only kept for an hour and is then deleted.

Our advice is to use those demo instances to become familiar with the features and then install a local instance on a server hosted by your institution.

# National Demo Instance (Stable)

The instance available on http://demo.ezpaarse.org (opens new window) is based on the latest stable version of the ezPAARSE software. The list of parsers is regularly updated. This instance is a good mirror of what you'll get if you install ezPAARSE locally.

# Preproduction Demo Instance

The instance available on http://dev.ezpaarse.org (opens new window) is based on the bleeding edge version of the ezPAARSE software (can be unstable).

This is were we test the latest features (and you can too!).