# unpaywall

The Unpaywall middleware uses the DOI found in access events to request Open Acess metadata using the Unpaywall API. Limited to 100 000 DOIs per day.

# Headers

  • unpaywall-cache : Set to false to disable result caching. Enabled by default.
  • unpaywall-TTL : Lifetime of cached documents, in seconds. Defaults to 7 days (3600 * 24 * 7)
  • unpaywall-throttle : Minimum time to wait between each query, in milliseconds. Defaults to 100ms. Throttle time doubles after each failed attempt.
  • unpaywall-paquet-size : Maximum number of DOIs to request in parallel. Defaults to 10
  • unpaywall-buffer-size : Maximum number of memorised access events before sending requests. Defaults to 200
  • unpaywall-max-tries : Maximum number of attempts if an enrichment fails. Defaults to 5.
  • unpaywall-on-fail : Strategy to adopt if an enrichment reaches the maximum number of attempts. Can be either of abort, ignore or retry. Defaults to abort.
  • unpaywall-email : The email to use for API calls. Defaults to YOUR_EMAIL.

# Enriched fields

Name Type Description
is_oa Boolean Is there an OA copy of this resource.
journal_is_in_doaj Boolean Is this resource published in a DOAJ-indexed journal.
journal_is_oa Boolean Is this resource published in a completely OA journal.
oa_status String The OA status, or color, of this resource.
updated String Time when the data for this resource was last updated.

# Example

curl -v -X POST http://localhost:59599
  -H "ezPAARSE-Middlewares: unpaywall"
  -F "files[]=@access.log"
Last Updated: 3/6/2024, 7:11:29 AM