# Configuration options

ezPAARSE comes with a config.json file (located at the root of the application directory) that contains the default configuration. You can override it by creating a config.local.json file with your own settings. Beware that modifying the config.json file may prevent ezPAARSE from updating correctly.


ezPAARSE display name. As of now, this is only used in email subjects.


The default value is set to ezpaarse@couperin.org


Domain name of the ezPAARSE instance.


To avoid the setup of a local SMTP server, you can delegate the management of user feedback (via the online form) to another ezPAARSE instance (called a "parent" instance). The default value is set to http://ezpaarse-preprod.couperin.org


If you want to use a specific SMTP server to send emails, set the value to a JSON object that is compatible with nodemailer options (opens new window).

# Example

    "host": "smtp.intra.org",
    "port": 25


The mail adress where the users feedback get sent. The default value is set to ezpaarse@couperin.org


If you wish to receive a message everytime a user opens an account on your instance, set the value to true. The default value is set to false


The default value is set to mongodb://localhost:27017/ezpaarse


The default value is set to production


The default value is set to 59599


The default value is set to 14.17.6


The default value is set to fr


Contains an array of field names that are going to be present in the result file produced by ezPAARSE. The default array contains the following fields:



If true, it shows a warning informing users that the instance is a demo, and thus not adapted to process large log files. This warning now appears on our demo instance hosted on http://ezpaarse.org (opens new window) The default value is set to false.


An object representing default headers to be used for each job. Can be overriden by predefined settings and actual job headers.

# Example

    "Crypting-Salt": "OU0qTpLOmC"


Contains an array of middleware names, in the order they are going to be launched by ezPAARSE during a process. The default array contains the following middlewares:



This sets the minimal value, under which ezPAARSE considers an EC is not qualified enough to be written to the results. The default value is set to 1


    "internal": {
      "rtype": 0.5,
      "mime": 0.5
    "external": [
        "file": "platforms/fields.json",
        "sublist": "rid",
        "attribute": "code",
        "weight": 1


[v3.8.0 and above]

The list of ezMESURE instances that can be used for uploading ezPAARSE results. Each instance should have an arbitrary id, a label and a baseUrl. An optional options object can be provided, which can be used to add headers and query parameters when uploading files, or disable certificates verification by setting strictSSL to false.


  { "id": "prod", "label": "ezMESURE", "baseUrl": "https://ezmesure.couperin.org" },
  { "id": "integ", "label": "ezMESURE - Préproduction", "baseUrl": "https://ezmesure-preprod.couperin.org" },
    "id": "dev",
    "label": "ezMESURE - Local developpement instance",
    "baseUrl": "https://localhost",
    "options": {
      "headers": { "Split-Fields": "ezproxy-groups(+)" },
      "qs": { "store": false },
      "strictSSL": false


Determines how long ezPAARSE results remain accessible for downloading. The default value is set to 60min


Sets the maximal duration for the storage of result files. The default value is set to 1day


Contains an array of domains to be ignored (ie filtered out) by ezPAARSE.


To avoid declaring too long a list, we advise you to declare unrelevant domains in dedicated exclusion files as documented in this section (opens new window)


The default value is set to geoip-lookup


The default value is set to . (dot)


Contains an object with 2 member properties, listed here:

  "activationThreshold": 1000,
  "unknownDomainsRate": 10

The properties and their values are documented in further details in the relevant section (opens new window)