# Geolocation

The geolocation is based on the IP address found in the host field from the log files. The Geoip header allows to choose which data is to be added to the results, or to deactivate the geolocation altogether.

The library used for this is geoip-lite (opens new window).

Geolocation Caveats : IP address geolocation is a method that links the IP address of a terminal connected to the internet with a geographical position. The level of precision is not always the same: city in the best of cases, country otherwise.

The geolocation data is informative (opens new window) and depends on the country as well as the internet access provider.

# Parameters (headers)

Geoip: geolocation data that can be added to the results.

By default: geoip-longitude, geoip-latitude, geoip-country

  • all can be used to include all possible fields
  • none to deactivate the geolocation.

The available fields are:

  • geoip-host: IP address being geolocalized
  • geoip-country2 characters code indicating the country (eg: FR for France)
  • geoip-region: 2 characters code indicating the region (eg: A8 for Île-de-France)
  • geoip-city: complete name of the city (eg: Paris)
  • geoip-latitude: self-explanatory
  • geoip-longitude: self-explanatory
  • geoip-coordinates: concatenation of latitude and longitude between brackets (eg: [48.8592,2.3417])

Usage example:

curl -v -X POST --proxy "" --no-buffer \
  -F "file=@test/dataset/geolocalize.log" \
  -H 'Geoip: all' \

Advanced usage example:

This example uses the ''csv2geojson'' and ''geojsonio-cli'' librairies.

npm install csv2geojson geojsonio-cli

It is then possible to directly visualize the results on a map.

curl -X POST \
  --proxy "" \
  --no-buffer \
  --data-binary @./test/dataset/edp.2013-01-23.log  \
  -H 'Geoip: geoip-latitude, geoip-longitude' \
  -H 'Output-Fields: -doi,-identd,-url,-status,-size,+datetime' \
  | csv2geojson --lat "geoip-latitude" --lon "geoip-longitude" --delimiter ";" 2> /dev/null \
  | geojsonio

That opens a web browser with the following graphical representation :

EDP Sciences Anonyme
# Video Demonstration

This screencast (opens new window) demonstrates the previous usage (ie geolocation information visualized on a map)