# istex

Enriches consultation events with istex (opens new window) data from their API (opens new window)

The ISTEX middleware uses the istex-identifier found in the access events to request metadata using the node-istex

ISTEX middleware is automatically activated on ISTEX logs

# Headers

  • istex-enrich : Set to true to enable ISTEX enrichment. Disabled by default.
  • istex-ttl : Lifetime of cached documents, in seconds. Defaults to 7 days (3600 * 24 * 7).
  • istex-throttle : Minimum time to wait between queries, in milliseconds. Defaults to 500.

# Example

curl -v -X POST http://localhost:59599
  -H "ezPAARSE-Middlewares: istex"
  -F "files[]=@access.log"
Last Updated: 7/15/2020, 1:38:58 PM