# host-chain

Split a chain of multiple IPs and only keep the first one. The original value is stored in another field.

# Headers

  • host-chain-real-position : position of the real IP. Defaults to the first one. Set it to last to keep the last IP of the chain.
  • host-chain-field : the field that contains the host. Defaults to host.
  • host-chain-full-field : the field that will contain the original value. Defaults to full_host.
  • host-chain-separator : the separator used to separate hosts. Defaults to ,.

# Example

curl -v -X POST http://localhost:59599
  -H "ezPAARSE-Middlewares: host-chain"
  -F "files[]=@access.log"
Last Updated: 9/17/2021, 1:40:35 PM