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Welcome to ReadMETRICS

ReadMETRICS is a new turnkey solution for:

It is based on the already existing and field-tested ezPAARSE and ezMESURE Free and Open Source tools, extending and including features inspired by the National Library of Luxembourg’s transition to Open Access, described here.


We are working to make the readMetrics stack available by Summer 2021. In the meantime the tools that constitute the stack are already available and can be deployed and used by interested pilot sites. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

Financing the Team and the Tools

The team currently includes 6 people, financially supported by Inist-CNRS and the consortium with more occasional help from third-party structures (BnL and OCLC). Among the institutions that are willing to use the readMETRICS solution, we are looking for partners willing to participate financially, to help us finance two of the current developer jobs and continue to maintain existing tools and offer new functionalities. The amount we have to reach is roughly 90k€ (or 100k$) per year.


An open-source software that can ingest your (proxy) log files and show how users access subscribed electronic resources. It filters, extracts and enriches the access events that were spotted and produces a result file that ezMESURE can ingest and display in a dashboard.


An open-source software built upon Elastic and Kibana to assemble a repository centralizing the usage statistics data produced by one or many instances of ezPAARSE. It is also able to ingest COUNTER5 data.

example of an ezMesure dashboard


Bibliomap shows geo-localized access events generated by ezPAARSE in real-time on a map. It monitors your ezproxy traffic and help push for the adoptation of ezPAARSE in your institution by showing everyone what it is all about!

example of bibliomap